Abundant Road Life with Brad & Kathy

A Wonderful Gift

“Grandparents, Adventurers, Live Music Aficionados and Full Time RV’ers”

– Brad Killgore

Dynamic Duo

Brad Killgore

Online Marketer, Web Designer, Travel Nut, Concert Fanatic, Spiritual Thought Leader and Outdoorsman.

Kathy Killgore

Spiritual Seeker, Crochet Enthusiast, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Programmer and Writer.

A Day At A Time

Brad and Kathy met in January, 1998, at a 12 Step Recovery meeting.  We have each worked a full set of steps or more, worked with sponsees and taken meetings into jails and prisons.  In other words we have both done a lot of work in recovery, and the benefits are endless. 

  • Rebuilding relationships with family and friends
  • Regain (or gain) self respect and self acceptance
  • Revise our perceptions of our places in the world and continue to update as life progresses
  • Realizing that we can be of service to others, even with our histories

Recovery has given us this amazing opportunity at life and we are blessed!  The fellowship was the rope that pulled each of us out of our misery and the vehicle by which we learned a new way to live.  And now we are living that new way.  Recovery clichés will sneak into the words that appear here.  Spiritual ideas will show up, some with a basis in 12 Step programs and some that just speak to one or the other of us. 

It is important to note that we speak for Brad and Kathy, NOT 12 Step Fellowships! 

This site is about our life and recovery is a part of our life, not the entirety of it.

Names are used with permission or changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent alike.

Life Is About Living It

Our lives since 1999 when we married:

  • Raise 2 daughters
  • Move from a 3 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom home so Brad could work from home
  • Brad had been a Corporate Travel Agent. He decided to work for himself and opened a window/deck installation company
  • Brad takes amazing photos and we photographed some weddings, families, high school graduation photos and ALWAYS live music (local and national bands)
  • The economy began to tank and we closed the window company
  • Brad decided to try working for his dad, and went to Butte, MT to run Dad’s businesses there
  • Kathy moved to Butte 9 months later
  • 3 years later we decided to return to Denver; Brad began working in the SEO/Website design market.
  • We bought a 25’ RV and drove around the Western US, finding beauty everywhere
  • After my mystical experience we manifested the ability to upgrade from our 25’ ‘Studio’ RV to a 40’ 1 bedroom RV.
  • COVID hit on our maiden voyage and our 1 week shakedown trip turned into 2 months of isolating in OK
  • We decided to go full time in the RV and share our adventures, pictures and joy with others
  • Some of the amazing places we have visited
      • Yellowstone MT and WY
      • Lake Powell, UT
      • Lake Pueblo CO
      • Lake Shasta/Mt. Shasta CA
      • San Clemente Beach CA
      • Tishamingo OK
      • Glacier MT
      • The entire Oregon West Coast
      • Redding, CA
      • Santa Fe, NM
      • Albuquerque, NM
      • Breckenridge/Keystone CO
      • Butte, MT
      • Jackson Hole/Grand Teton WY
      • Bonner’s Fairy, ID
      • Mountain Home, ID
      • Lake Silverwood, CA
      • Las Vegas, NV
      • Cherry Creek, CO
      • Sedona, AZ
      • Grand Canyon, AZ

    We will publish pictures of our adventures and some stories.  God Bless you each!

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